19 and a world of endless possibilities.

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As a manager it’s often my job to motivate and guide others. Lately I’ve been having a battle with one of my 19 year old staff who is consumed in her own world of negativity.

She seems to think that the world is limited  and possibilities do not exist for third world islanders.

I am sadden by her negative connotation and how disastrous her energy can be towards myself or even other team members. Being a person who has dealt with negative self talk and constant pessimism. I have to remember to guard myself around her. But as a woman who knows that life is more than what we see now ,more than it seems as a woman with a renewed mind and sense of purpose. I feel it’s my responsibility to guide and coach her about life !!

In my own way I believe 19 is such a golden age, it hold both a sense of legality, maturity and innocence. It screams you can be all you need to be and more !  The options that are available now were not there decades ago.

Women are now dominating roles that were mostly held by men.  We have female engineers, medical scientist, CEO’s,Company owners, owner/directors of fortune 500 companies. Women domination sports fields, business, technology  just to name a few.

I am never going to stop empowering her . In spite of her negativity I see a dim light in her trying to shine bright. She goes by the nic name sexual healing cause maybe she thinks her body is her only pass to the next level ????

Maybe everyone would disagree but I’m at the age of 29 and I believe there are still endless possibilities for me.

Maybe someday she will know the world is a  blank canvas with unlimited possibilities.







Why I can’t seem to make any new friends.

I remember my first few best friends. Oh how I thought we had an unbreakable bond.

I don’t share the same excitement towards them as many of my followers on social media. The euphoric excitement of the besties craze, bestfriend national days, ride or side sister  and so on.

As my pic down below says I am so tired I can’t fight. I much rather be a loner.

How can I deal with disappointment when it comes to my men or lady pals ?I often wonder why I prefer to have none ? Why I don’t get excited meeting new friends. I think its my trust issues ! If I can only find the beauty in people then maybe I ‘ll feel better about myself. But genuinity  is so lacking these day …

Ok !! I am going to challenge myself to make one new friend a week, be optimistic and allow the laws of attraction to take its place.

Stay logged in for more updates on my new friend quest !!! 🙂